Month: September 2015

Crest-Foam New Contract Ratification

President Mike Smith of Local 810 and members of Crest-Foam celebrate an overwhelming ratification of a new contract that will give them the highest wage increases in the history of the company. Mike has been the Delegate of this shop since 1998 and credits VP Nelson Silva, Shop Steward Andre and committee member Robert Smyre for their assistance throughout the negotiations.

Sodexo/Fordham members ratify new 5 year contract 129 to 8!

When Sodexo management started negotiations asking for large concessions from the workers due to financial losses, the bargaining committee representing over 200 members was in shock. After many questions and a lot of research and discussions later, the union and committee decided to meet the company part way. First, the Union reps and committee found savings by proposing that a number of supervisory positions be replaced with union lead positions (with hourly increases). In addition, Local 810 was able to offer a lower cost health plan to the company which represented very big savings. In exchange, Sodexo agreed to continue to pay 100% of the Welfare premium with no cost share for the members. A large number of members received upgrades in their positions and longevity increases. Pension contributions were increased each year. The 5 year agreement was sealed with general wage increases each year.


New Contract Ratified

This Summer members at Wellwood and Beth Moses cemetery overwhelmingly ratified a new contract with the highest raises ever given by the company. The Union also preserved the health benefits for the seasonal employees while on lay-off.

Sister Welder Hires

Mason Industries is an innovator as they are among the first to encourage and train Sister members to take on welding which is traditionally a male dominated job in most facilities. They are now employing five Sister welders!!!!

Health Fair 2015

This Saturday, September 12th, is the UWMM Health and Welfare Fund’s 8th Annual Health Fair!

24-09 38th Avenue LIC, NY 11101
11am – 2pm

Our vendors, suppliers, benefit staff will be here to answer questions regarding your benefits. Enjoy food, refreshments for all members and their families. Entertainment, raffle tickets, and prizes will be available.