Month: October 2016

Richardson World Child Care Foundation, Inc.


Karl Richardson is not only a hard working member and Shop Steward at Fordham University, he’s also runs RICHARDSON WORLD CHILD CARE FOUNDATION, INC. It is a non-profit organization that has dedicated itself to helping disabled people in our communities and in less fortunate countries for more than 20 years. Their aim is to assist families in providing for households and adapting to their society by means of courses, workshops, work and other charitable acts.

This past September Karl traveled to the Dominican Republic with backpacks, lunch boxes and school supplies donated by Local 810 for underprivileged children to help prepare them for the school year. Pictured above is Karl with some of these grateful students, teachers and their families. Our Union was proud to assist him in providing these kids with school supplies and assisting them with their education. Great job, brother!

Vote for the election of International Union Officers


Hello Brothers and Sisters,

On October 6, 2016, the Office of the Election Supervisor (“OES”) mailed ballots for the International Officer election to all members of the IBT in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.  Local 810 wants to make sure that they hear our voice and that you vote in the election for the top officials of your International Union.  Watch for your secret ballot in the mail.  When you receive it, follow the directions to cast your own vote and mail your secret ballot yourself using the postage-prepaid envelope.  The secret ballots will be returned to a post office box controlled by OES, and the count is planned to start on Monday, November 14, 2016. Please don’t forget to VOTE!

If you do not receive your secret ballot by October 17, 2016 contact OES to request a ballot.  

The toll-free number for OES is 844-428-8683.


Mike Smith – President, Local 810 IBT

En español

Estimado Hermanos y Hermanas,

El 6 de Octubre 2016, la Oficina del  Supervisor de Elecciones  (“OES”) mandó por correo los boletos para la votacion de Oficial Internacional  a todos los miembros del IBT en los Estados Unidos, Canada, y Puerto Rico.  Local 810 quiere que nos escuchen nuesta voz en esta eleccion de alto cargo de los Tronquistas.  Espere su voto secreto por correo.  Cuando lo recibá, sigue las instucciones de voto y mande su boleto secreto en el sobre pre-pagado.  Los votos secretos seran retornados a un correo controlado por el OES, y la cuenta de votos  séra el Lunes, 14 de Noviembre 2016. Por favor no se le olvide VOTAR!

Si usted no ha recibido su boleto secreto antes del 17 de Octubre 2016, por favor pongase en contacto con el OES para pedirle un boleto.  

El numero gratuito del OES es 844-428-8683.


Mike Smith – Presidente, Local 810 IBT


Health Fair 2016

Local 810 hosted our Annual Health Fair in September.  It was another huge success with hundreds of members and their families in attendance.  All of our providers were there talking with the membership and providing information about their services.  Members enjoyed the barbeque as their kids lined up to get ice cream from Mister Softee.  We raffled off and handed out thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes that were all donated by our health care providers.  Everyone left with a smile on their face and we look forward to doing again next year.  If you missed it, be sure to attend the next one, and bring the family!



LOCAL 810 walks Proudly in the Labor Day Parade!



Last month Local 810 Officers, Shop Stewards and proud members participated in the Labor Day parade in NYC.  It was a great way to show support for Labor in this city and our country.  We walked up 5th Ave to the cheers, smiles and waves of men, women and children standing on the sidewalks. Join us next year!